I Thank God for the Moments

I thank God for the moments, and blessings that abound
Thankful for family and friends, that gather around ~

Around a table filled with bounteous food
With love shinning in eyes, and for elated moods ~

I think to myself... "this will go by too fast"
this joyous moment of love will not last ~

So I study and memorize... I feel every feeling
later when all is over, my mind can go stealing ~

Stealing away in the quiet afterglow
Like a movie reel in my mind, I can relive that tender show ~

Some cannot be here, for the trip is too long
but the love still comes through, so clear and so strong ~

There are dear ones that have left this life
could be a mother, daddy, husband or wife ~

Their life's energy lingers, embossing an impression on our hearts
We loved them so, but from this world they had to depart ~

Though all good times must end they say
Christ said we'd all be together in the far and away ~

So when I gaze at the empty chair where you used to be
I know in Heaven, there's an empty chair, you have saved just for me ~ ~ ~


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