In Memory of John Walker Mullins (October 12, 1923 - January 17, 2005)

Comic heroes lure the imaginations of little boys
Boring it is, playing with the same old toys

Girls can love action heroes too
I know, because into my life, one actually flew

Or should I say, that I was planted in his life
with a superman I did live, along with his wife

Handsome was he and so very strong
and in my eyes he could do no wrong

but as the years went by, his kryptonite failed
and sometimes by his demons he was nailed

His wife always cried, as off into the blue he flew
But he had his missions, he had to do, what he had to do..

Secret missions they were too, but he always came back home
Making up for all the endless hours he was driven to roam

He became weak and often times mean
This beloved infidel who did stagger and lean

Dealing with two personalities-- never knowing which one you'd meet
He was trying to kill himself I thought, as he flew closer to the heat

Then came the time that I myself should fly
away from him and that place, my own life to try

But I had no kryptonite, I had no magic cape
My attempts at life, playing on like some old music tape

I did go back to see them, my children to display
Being drawn back there, like a potter to his clay

He was still a wild stallion who resists being tamed
for his wife he did try, for she was the only woman to wear his name

And when his alter ego had no more fire
I saw him throw down his superman's attire

I discovered he had softened as his eyes grew old
He traded in his kryptonite for a heart of gold

Loving and up the strife
So much tenderness and compassion, especially for his wife

For she was sick and growing more so, very fast
And he died taking care of her, as off to heaven he did pass

Now his wife has come to live with me and we go on day to day
but I cannot fill superman's shoes, though I try in every way

My memories of him are shiny and ever new
I miss him so much and I didnt have a clue

That even superman must one day die
But I called him Daddy, as I said my last goodbye...

His wife, my mother, recounts all the days that were
for the essence of who he was could never be a blurr

So now you're with the pretenses there
The magic cape that was your burden, you no longer wear

A robe of white does take it's place
Made of dove's downy wings and lace...

We shall meet again, and I will know you as I knew you here
Until then remember, I love you Daddy, my Superman so dear...

Vonda ~ (c) 2005

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