Come in and sit by the fire...warm your feet while you sip on a mug of hot wassail, or cocoa. Sing a few carols and warm your soul....join in with us while we celebrate this most blessed occassion...The birth of our Lord. Pray with us, as we offer up praise, and love to the "one" most lovely...the one we call "Messiah." Open your heart and sing to Him...the one who gave His most precious gift... the gift of eternal life, to us all...

Before you leave, I have a gift for you. The ornaments below were made with love from my heart. Please feel free to download them, and use them on your Christmas page. Go to my Links and Images page for downloading. On that page you will find the code and image to provide a link back to my site.
May you have a blessed and safe Christmas...the peace of Christ be with you........ Love Vonda

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Nativity image by John Bell